WWDC 2003 has brought some welcome news on Panther, namely:

Other stuff (not so interesting personally):

  • Exposé, a neat (but as yet unproven) desktop navigation metaphor (no mention of "piles", BTW)
  • The awesome new PowerMacs with G5 CPUs (yeah, OK, the megahertz charade continues - bigger, faster, better, hideously expensive... I want one.)
  • iChat gets video support (and a very neatly designed hardware buddy called the iSight)
  • iDisks can now be synchronized to several Macs.
  • We get fax support. Yay. Yawn.

Not-so-good news:

  • Panther will be a paid upgrade ($129)
  • No mention of 802.1x support (it's not a flashy feature, so Steve probably skipped it)

Daring Fireball has a better summary, if you're in a hurry. :)

Totally Non-Technical

The new David Fonseca site is online, thanks to all the hard work Filipe Carvalho did these past weeks. OK, so he wasn't alone, but he's the only one I know.

Pocket Heaters

Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC is now out. The only relevant features as far as I'm concerned are better VPN and Wi-Fi support (including an 802.1x supplicant). Here are a few screenshots I snagged of the new connection and Wi-Fi UIs:

There are a couple new iPAQs out, too - the 2210 and the 5550: