Good Heavens!

This guy built himself (using WidevieW) the ultimate Flight Simulator setup, using 9 PCs and 13 monitors:

Heck, the most monitors I ever had (on a single box at home) were 3 17" (although we once hooked up 5 to an old Mac II FX). This is some serious amount of heat units...

Nevertheless, I envy the desktop space. I really should get one of these, though. 1024x768 is fine for coding and writing, but a bit narrow for graphics design.

Slow Multitasking

Amidst a bout of stifling heat, a lot of ecletic reading and other non-computer-related activities (yeah, I actually breathe outside air once in a while to ensure my continued survival), I've added a couple more dabs to Steroids and confirmed that upgrading to PHP 4.3.2 fixed the problems I had with the Nokia Image Upload Protocol - I can now upload files correctly to a PHP-enabled website.

I'll be cleaning up that piece of code and putting it up on my public CVS box, but not until it's properly matched with a set of image storage, tagging (Nokia neglected to adhere to the EXIF standard) and viewing classes.

Meanwhile, Space Race is enormous fun. There's nothing like dropping an ACME piano on your opponents. :)

Blogs in Portugal

I've recently noticed some referrals from Blogo, and I've finally spent a half-hour reacquainting myself with the new, exploding Portuguese "blog scene". As usual, around a year later than the rest of the world (maybe two, considering that I've been doing this for nigh on three years now), the blogging phenomenon has reached Portugal. We are currently in the "celebrity" stage, with politicians replying to (and haranguing) each other by cut and paste and direct cross-linking without the niceties of Trackback (which is a published spec, by the way).

Of course, most of these "new" bloggers keep repeating the same mistakes we did. The original Portuguese blogger - sites like (and other pioneers like the Monkeys, Marciana Dee's and the Cafeína "ecosystem") is most likely extinct now, alive only in our own memories and (at most) the journalist's.

Impromptu Disclaimer: I've held off turning this into a full-blown blog, but that doesn't mean I can't put up some opinions (and facts, duly noted and confirmed) once in a while. In fact, the reason I don't do that more often is that I'd only post opinions on technical issues here, and most of the ones I get to express are my employers' business, not the readers'. :)

(And yeah, that's one of the reasons some technical fields are mostly unexplored, and others - the ones I pursue as hobbies - more detailed. You think I'd be allowed to use a Mac in my office? :))

Nevertheless, the Portuguese language (the Continental version) is increasing its "page surface area" on the Internet, and that has to be a good thing. But I'm sticking to English here (judging by my web stats, the typical visitor is either UK- or US-based, has more than a passing interest in ADSL or 802.11b and, despite running mostly Linux or Windows, has some kind of access to a Mac).

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