Graph This!

Brand new : Graph HTTP Requests in Real Time. Well, as near as can be, really.

5 to bundle SQLite

Via Simon Willison and Sterling Hughes, the relevant post. SQLite is the database behind CVSTrac, which I use extensively.

It's fast - CVSTrac flies even after a full year's worth of CVS transactions on one of my development servers.

A little more digging reveals that MySQL is no longer bundled with PHP 5, due to changes in both the client library protocol and its license. Hmmm.

Having Trouble Running 9 inside VMware?

This news post explains how to disable the vmware.log file (that happens to grow explosively when running a guest 9 system). In short, you add:

logging = FALSE

To your virtual machine configuration (.vmx) file. Booting the guest kernel with nosysinfo seems to help, too, but it's 2AM right now and I wouldn't be able to explain to you what it does without a truckload of coffee and a kernel options roadmap.

(This other post seems to be a good lead to finding out, as well as some odd notes on the Native POSIX Thread Library (NPTL) that I've temporarily misplaced.)

Once you get things smoothed out, you might like to take a look at vmTools - the Flash presentation is extremely neat, but it might just be sleep catching up with me.

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