Fink joins Metapkg

The Fink project joined forces with and Gentoo into Metapkg. This does not provide (for now) a single package distribution, but rather coordination in porting.

I hope that they'll be consistent, though. I won't want to have to get one package from each, or install three package managers, or even have to recompile stuff I should expect to get in binary form.

Panther Screenshots

Deskmod is showing some (alleged) Panther screenshots here.

Looks nice.

...With Knobs On

I got a link to this image on e-mail, and found it worth a couple of laughs:

Although I can't honestly agree with it, it is the best visual representation of the CTD syndrome I've found so far. :)

Heavy Lifting

I'm implementing a new monochrome theme for this site here. PhpWiki keeps getting in the way, however, so I've basically stripped out the guts of the theming mechanism and am now rebuilding the CSS and page layout from scratch, dropping in stuff from Fireworks as I go along.

Preformatted text, almost all link types and a lot of the base formatting is just plain broken, but it's a start.

Oh, and yeah, you've not gone color blind - it's got almost no color in it. Yet. If the layout isn't easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye per se, color won't fix any problems you might have. And I do like solid grey - it doesn't detract from whatever you put on top of it.