iSync me up, baby!

released iSync 1.1 and Bluetooth 1.2.1 (via Software Update). The supported device list is amazing, and I've tried this with my already. It is limited to Contacts on Series 60 phones - you cannot sync notes, To Dos, or even the Calendar, which renders a bit useless for me (I update my Calendar much more frequently than my Contacts).

does the rounds

also released QuickTime 6.3, which supports , GSM/ AMR audio and native .3gp files - which, incidentally, means that my videos should now play on the - thing is, they don't. The beauty of standards, as usual, is that we have plenty.

Bookmarklets for CSS design

During my blogroll (via Simon's), I came across Jesse's Bookmarklets site, which hosts an amazing number of JavaScript bookmarklets useful for CSS development.