So we're going to have more than one bouse button?

According to this article, Apple has filed a patent application for a mouse with an iPod-like solid-state scroller:

There's a set of other applications, all focused on improving scrolling interaction. Being the proud owner of an iPod, I can attest to the solid-state wheel's ease of use (and instant feedback). We'll see what happens next.

Live Long and Prosper

Paul Allen's company Vulcan has come up with a Libretto-lookalike called (appropriately) the MiniPC. It has built-in Wi-Fi, but a hideous keyboard:

Gnome invastion at MIT

Anyone who has been following the MIT Gallery of Hacks for a few years will find the latest prank a bit tame, but nonetheless quite entertaining.

Mobile Phone in CompactFlash Format

The Inquirer published an article saying Siemens had managed to shrink a GSM phone to SD format, sparking off a series of articles around the web. Looking at the Siemens, it becomes clear that they actually have a CompactFlash module in development (which makes a lot more sense, since shrinking the radio modules alone would require a some tricky applied physics... Besides, where would you put the SIM card?).

Miniature module for maximal performance: CF45 CompactFlash

Scientists at Roke Manor Research have built the smallest GSM/GPRS tri-band radio module in the world. It can transmit voice as well as data and has theoretical data rates of 85kb per second. Only five millimeters in height, the module is suitable for use in PDAs, laptops, notebooks and digital cameras.

Mind you, this might be adaptable to fit an SD slot - with a significant amount of hardware hanging out, of course.

More on "Lite" Access Points:

Unstrung has an article on "centralized" WirelessLan variations that move the access control and validation logic to a central "smart" switch. There is already an IETF Draft of the new tecnhology, dubbed LWAPP.

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