iCame, iSaw, iPod, iTunes

The has entered its third generation, with a brand new slimmer design, a docking station (soon to be 2.0-enabled for PCs), fully solid-state controls and a capacity bump to 15 and 30GB. The 1.3 Updater delivers sound and new features to older models (probably identical to the new ones).

To complete the picture, we have iTunes 4 and, of course, the brand new Apple Music Store.

Most interesting of all, today is apparently Saddam Hussein's birthday. I can see the headlines tomorrow: "Saddam gets an for his birthday!" or, more conservatively " gone legit!" :)

Wanna Ride?

These guys are into the micro-helicopter scene:

Theming the

Yeah, I know... has a nice pert look, but after seeing the following image over at Max Themes, I just had to give it a whirl:

This look is based on the William Bart designs at BBXstudio.com, and there is a Windows version available.

I'll probably be back to standard Aqua by tomorrow, because every theme engine has its little inconsistencies - but so far Quartz Extreme is making my look like something out of Minority Report, and it looks great.