iCame, iSaw, iPod, iTunes

The iPod has entered its third generation, with a brand new slimmer design, a docking station (soon to be USB 2.0-enabled for PCs), fully solid-state controls and a capacity bump to 15 and 30GB. The 1.3 Updater delivers AAC sound and new features to older models (probably identical to the new ones).

To complete the picture, we have iTunes 4 and, of course, the brand new Apple Music Store.

Most interesting of all, today is apparently Saddam Hussein's birthday. I can see the headlines tomorrow: "Saddam gets an iPod for his birthday!" or, more conservatively "MP3 gone legit!" :)

Wanna Ride?

These guys are into the micro-helicopter scene:

Theming the Mac

Yeah, I know... Mac OS X has a nice pert look, but after seeing the following image over at Max Themes, I just had to give it a whirl:

This look is based on the William Bart designs at BBXstudio.com, and there is a Windows version available.

I'll probably be back to standard Aqua by tomorrow, because every theme engine has its little inconsistencies - but so far Quartz Extreme is making my Mac look like something out of Minority Report, and it looks great.