Wrong Answer?

A friend sent me a link to Forty-Two, knowing that I am both a Douglas Adams fan and a Mac user. What he didn't know, though, was that I don't have a DVD burner - I decided very early on that it wasn't worth the hassle.

(I actually find it amazing that people would want to waste hours of their time to downgrade from DVD to VCD and miss out on the surround sound and image quality. But then, I'm lucky enough to have a decent home theatre... How's that for a disincentive to piracy?)

I wonder what Douglas would make of this, though.

Oh well.

Referral oddities.

Got a couple of visitors by way of Cafeína, which was odd in itself (I've stopped looking at Portuguese blogs for a while now). Odder still to find both mild praise and a (misplaced, as far as I see things) tiny jab at me.

Coding Grounds

I'm utterly disappointed with Forte for Java. It's slow, lumbering and heinously non-intuitive - which means I'm going to code Java the same way I code everything these days - with vim and vigour. But first, I have to finish my XSLT PHP package - migrating all that mail around took a lot more time than I assumed at first.

Triple X

Apple just posted the third X-Windows Beta. I sure hope they finally got keymaps right.

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