More Palm phones.

Just saw this over at PDAFrance:

Neat. Looks really small.


If you're familiar with x2x, you'll like to know there's a Mac OS X analog here, along with a bunch of neat stuff.

Random notes

Spent all day working on a long(ish) technology overview document for internal consumption. Juggling concepts is a great break from standard engineering work (as if anything I end up being involved with could ever be called "standard"...).

Security work can be tremendous fun. But I'm disappointed that people (even relatively educated people) systematically confuse "people who know about security" with "hackers". I guess that was one of the reasons I stopped being a "white hat" - the ingrained prejudice people have with regard to anyone who points out (even glaringly obvious) security flaws was just too much.

Oh well. Time to move on to other things, I guess.