Series 60 Trivia

Amazingly enough, the Series 60 e-mail client supports Secure IMAP (techspeak for this is IMAP over SSL or IMAP-TLS, depending on whether you've actually been on the Internet for more than five years or are a MicroWhatsit Certified Professional).

And, of course, my .mac mailbox works fine with it (for the record, I'm using a Nokia ).

The geeks in the audience (wipe your noses) will like to know that it connects to port 143 and then issues the STARTTLS command to enter secure mode.

Amazingly enough, it does not support direct connections to port 993 or ESMTP (authenticated or otherwise).


I have since confirmed that you can get the to read mail from a STARTTLS-capable IMAP server with a self-signed certificate - the phone simply asks if you want to accept the certificate and then you can proceed normally. Look at the stunnel and OpenSSL docs for ways to go about achieving this yourself (I copped out and used a set of certificates I had generated a while back, so I don't have the command lines handy).

Double Vision

Estari have announced a dual-display laptop that opens like a book (with two touchscreens):

Personally, I'm surprised it took this long for someone to take a stab at it. The Slashdot crowd is raving, of course.

Mail Pruning and Time Machines

After some diligent sorting, ordering and a lot of deletions, I've finally cut down my e-mail archives to a size that will actually fit on a CD-ROM. Not bad for around 10 years of e-mail...

Meanwhile, I've spotted a bug in . It assumes that an initial From header (part of the message envelope, and often created by an MDA) contains a valid date, and uses that for sorting the message list:

From [email protected] Wed Mar 12 15:25:49 2003 +0000
From: "Me" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Fw:_=5BFlame=2CWar=
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 21:32:03 -0000

This message, despite having been originally sent on February 8th 2002, has been post-processed with procmail on March 12th 2003.

incorrectly displays "12/03/2003" as the message date instead of "08/02/2002" on the message list, and only shows the correct date on the preview pane or when viewing the message in a separate window.

I'd hate to have to move to Mozilla on . Not that it doesn't work fine - it's just that works better for me.

Wireless Paella

These guys set up a Residential Access Point with a vegetable-oil-cooled PC:

More Photos

I suppose that it's now up to Portuguese hacks to find a way to mix Wireless Lans and codfish...