Backup Tools

This is a kind of meta-page for bunching together all the disparate stuff regarding backups I have on the site and a few other generic resources.

Date Link Notes
Nov 22 rdiff-backup I’ve tried this before with mixed results, and ended up using duplicity instead.
rsnapshot Added here for completeness (I’ve used it occasionally when I needed just a little more than mere rsync)
Nov 11 For getting data out of backup files
Apr’07 Backup Procedures My crib-sheet for using ssync and rsync
Mar’07 My IMAP backup solution before made it easier to export entire mailbox trees.
Aug’06 The new hotness, which took a while to become trustworthy.
Oct’06 The utility that predated .
Aug’05 duplicity One of the things I keep going back to from time to time when I need secure off-site backups of sensitive data.
Mar’05 unison An amazingly efficient file replication tool that has seen better days.

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