Stress, Compacted

In case you're wondering about the relative quiet over here, I've been too tired.

Who would have thought that a three-day week would be so crowded? From dealing with suppliers of all sorts to regulatory issues (with a few oddball dives into various tech fields), I'd easily rate these past few days as one of the most eventful weeks in any August I've worked through.

I've pretty much given up on a finishing a piece commenting upon Sprint's takeup of WiMax (in a nutshell: they have a short window of opportunity, and "old" will become cheaper and eventually catch up with them), and haven't really paid any attention to any sort of news.

Still, I have just noticed that s now have an "anti-mooing" firmware update (someone let me know if they now run cooler for a fact), and there's more controversial noise regarding the Black Hat demo I (which we're likely to keep reading about for a while yet).

And now, for a restful weekend. Hopefully.