Evernote is a note-taking application that allows you to maintain a number of “notebooks” that you can piece together from any source (it acts as a very intuitive scrapbook with indexing and OCR features for extracting text from images).

It has now morphed into a web service of sorts with mobile and cross-platform syncing support, which makes it extremely interesting (more than, say, Yojimbo and other scrapbook-like apps).

Generating Markdown

Using the ScriptingBridge, a little Python and html2text, you can easily draft text to your heart’s content using the WYSIWYG editor and export it as Markdown. There are some quirks (especially regarding line spacing and lists), but it’s a handy trick:

from Foundation import *
from ScriptingBridge import *
import html2text

e = SBApplication.applicationWithBundleIdentifier_(com.Evernote.Evernote)
buffer = e.selection()0.HTMLContent()
# I prefer reference-style links
html2text.INLINE_LINKS = False
print html2text.html2text(buffer)


Date Link Notes
Feb 22’11 Installing Evernote 4 in Ubuntu Turns out it can be done by using the 1.3 version and setting the emulation to Windows 7 mode.

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