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A long day, a few interesting pieces of news:

  • Nokia prefers to Perl for scripting the Series 60 - I knew they had some taste. Okay, never mind those fashion accessories...
  • Opera for handhelds - I hate it on all other platforms, but I'm probably the only one.
  • Palm refocuses on mobile phones, and plans to cut staff by 12% - which just goes to show Handspring was on to something with the Treo. This may be good news for investors and "one-device-to-rule-them-all" fans, but my first thought was that simplicity and usability (Palm's big advantage) will probably go out the window...
  • A tutorial on 802.16a, which is a nice thing to forward to people who haven't realized the IEEE (as well as the IETF) has done more for telecomms standartization (and disruptive progress) than the "traditional" telecomms standards bodies. This is a technology with a lot of potential for wireless MANs/WANs, and one I'll be keeping an eye on.
  • grows 25% in the UK - sales relative to last year, which sounds good compared to the 19% growth of PC sales until you realize the size of the markets and apply some perspective. Nevertheless, growth is growth, and 51000 s sold in Q4 alone (even against probably a gazillion PCs, it's a nice figure).
  • IPv6 surfaces again, but people still frown at the mention. I'm sorely tempted to play around with it again myself, but can't find the time.
  • AppleWorks 6.2.2 for Windows? Gosh. Never knew it existed...
  • Great Mars Pictures - always a nice thing to watch, even if I wouldn't want to spend my vacation there.