TIL: Cubasis 3.3 and the KORG nanoKONTROL Studio

The I was futzing around pondering getting a better controller that I could use both with my desk setup and my iPad and, since I am not keen on buying stuff with proprietary protocols (regardless of how nice they look, I prefer stuff that won’t rely on the manufacturer’s own software) learned about Mackie Control and HUI and how they are supported by Arturia products.

And as it turns out Cubasis 3.3 came out recently, and besides extremely comprehensive learn support, it also supports Mackie and HUI.

Since I have a KORG nanoKONTROL Studio, I decided to investigate if it could work that way.

After a few tries, I figured out that if I booted the controller in Pro Tools mode (by turning it on while holding down Scene and Track Left-Arrow), you can enable it in MIDI settings like so:

Pretty trivial to set up, really.

After you’ve done that, everything (jog dial, transport controls, and all the track controls/pan/faders) just works, which probably makes Cubasis the best iOS DAW right now1.

It also gives me firmer notions as to what kind of keyboard/controller I might get (Arturia’s are currently at the top of my list, but the interesting models are several years old and lack both Bluetooth and aftertouch…).

  1. GarageBand has zero MIDI learn features, and NanoStudio 2 doesn’t seem to have either Mackie or HUI support, but I might be wrong as it at least has usable MIDI learn. ↩︎

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