TIL: Pop!_OS has Automatic Window Tiling

Today I learned that Pop!_OS, the Linux distro developed by System76, almost makes up for its silly name by shipping with a very nicely done auto-tiling Gnome shell extension (available at pop-os/shell):

A nice little demo movie.

Alternatives for macOS

  • Magnet does almost the same thing on macOS, and if it supported saving pre-defined window layouts I would switch away from Moom.
  • Amethyst is likely the best tiled window manager for the Mac, but the default keyboard bindings are somewhat annoying after years of Moom.
  • The LG Screen Manager application also does that, although they don’t actively advertise it.

Alternatives for Windows

PowerToys for Windows 10 includes FancyZones, which lets you define tiling zones.