Privacy Policy

This site does not track visitors, nor does it use cookies or any other form of tracking technology for advertising purposes. I do, however, have a few third-party services in place:

  • I use Cloudflare, which may use cookies to provide security and performance enhancements. Since it performs caching and other optimizations, it effectively breaks most tracking mechanisms, and I have no access to any data it may collect other than raw bandwidth and visitor statistics.
  • I also use Clarity, which is a Microsoft service that provides me with aggregated, anonymized and GDPR-compliant data about how people use the site. I use it for flagging issues like broken pages and other site mis-behaviors, and I do not have access to any personally identifiable information.
  • Finally, external links to other sites may use UTM tracking parameters, but only when I explicitly link to them and solely because with the advent of the fully HTTPS web referral tracking has become impossible, and it is a nice way to let other people know I am linking to them if they use standard analytics software.
  • I currently have the following UTM parameters set:
    • utm_source:
    • utm_medium: web
    • utm_campaign: unsolicited_traffic
    • utm_content: external_link

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