A proxy is a go-between that will perform some activity for you, usually with some added benefits (or not). Besides SOCKS (which is the most generic kind of proxy), there are a lot of variants out there, and some of them will eventually find their ways here.

WAP Gateways

(WAP 2.0 gateways are nothing but glorified HTTP proxies, but 1.0 ones have to perform WML tokenizing and data segmentation)

  • Kannel
  • Ophelia seems to have vanished ( along with it)

HTTP Proxies

Compressing Proxies

Also known as "optimizers". These break the Eleventh Commandment and are usually to be avoided, but they have their uses:

Content Rewrite Pseudo-Proxies

These are technically not real proxies, but rather server-side scripts typically used to simplify web content for mobile phones: