For No Useful Purpose

It may seem strange to some people, but my feelings regarding spending two days watching packets flow by in Ethereal and twiddling odd bits of strange blinkenlights-laden devices at several points are mostly along the lines that it's an almost criminal waste of my time (and other people's) that defies all rational explanation.

Still, I endure it - however, the reasons for doing so are getting more elusive by the day.

Oh, and my personal e-mail is still somewhat backlogged. East Asia residents please take note of my apologies, I'll get back to you soon.

Some news to get my mind off things:

  • The Flock Developer Preview is out (I just got my e-mail, but won't do more than take a quick peek until I have more free time).
  • Nokia is apparently not going to make the 770 available for online orders from Portugal (I sure hope it's a mistake, or merely a temporary list).
  • I somehow missed the fact that the WRT54G3G-EU was launched yesterday in Portugal (shame on me for not reading our press releases...)
  • The Skype deal is looking less sane by the day.
  • Mossberg on DRM. No new arguments, but a pretty loud voice and a lot of common sense.
  • I also missed the free VMware Player. Now that's a clever move - and there seem to be plenty of pre-built demo VMs to toy with, including the Browser Appliance to allow the incorrigibly paranoid to surf the web at ease... (I recommend reading Philip's blog for more).

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