newspipe/Ad Blocking

Despite being currently being seduced by the (admittedly meager) extra income from placing advertisement on my RSS feeds, I still think this sort of thing is fundamentally evil.

RSS advertising, when done wrong (which, incidentally, is the way most people are doing it) is a major nuisance, since in some aggregators any changes in the advertising content will change the feed item content - and all of a sudden you have 300 "new" items to read.

It also makes it near impossible to read RSS feeds via a mobile phone (my web interface to newspipe resizes images to fit the phone screen, but the time and traffic penalties make it an infernal experience).

Since newspipe recently started supporting RSS advertisement removal through the remove OPML attribute, I've decided to bite the bullet, remove my custom code and start filtering out most of the crap using its "normal" facilities.

Here are some of the regular expressions I'm testing for removal of the most common types of advertisements:

   remove="<p><a .+?</a></p>"
   remove="<td><a .+?</a></td>"
   remove="<a .+?</a>"
   remove="<p><a .+?</a></p>
   remove="<font .+?SPONSORED BY:.+?</font>"