Here's stuff I hacked together on my free time (mostly minor hacks I tend to re-use, some tools I built for myself, etc.)

Things I'm Mulling

A new Wiki, something I call . Or Sushi. Or Sashimi. Or Tempura. Even I don't know yet.

Other stuff I try to be involved in:

Frozen, Dead, Obsolete:

  • - superseded by
  • Argus - a game server monitor written in Perl
  • for Cygwin - a tabbed manager for rxvt instances.
  • LiveWiki - a rehashing of the Wiki concept with XML underpinnings.
  • TakeAway - offline sync of newsfeeds for PDAs.
  • - my own weblog engine, now partly frozen but living on as a core library in a few public and intranet sites.

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