Elementary is an Ubuntu-based Linux that I have grown to like because it delivers a polished, straightforward and (traditional) macOS-like user interface without the hassles, inconsistencies and ugliness of either Gnome or Unity.

Most of the built-in apps are simple (sometimes too simple), polished and straightforward, and are written in Vala. I have run Elementary essentially on very low hardware like the [Acer C720][c270] and the Acer E111M and the experience is fantastic considering the specs.

I’m especially fond of its native Code editor, which is very very simple, efficient and straightforward. But the highest benefit for me is that it all just works, and when I need to run something, it’s Ubuntu underneath without any of the Unity cruft I dislike.


Category Date Link Target Notes
Hacks Raspberry Pi 4 distro My take on repackaging Elementary to run on the Raspberry Pi 4
wingpanel icon tray a copy of the wingpanel plugin for legacy Gnome tray icons