Notes for January 29-February 4

A rather quiet week, with a few family events. A lot of this played out against the technicolor cacophony of the going on sale, which has turned most of my news feeds into a stream of gibberish.

Monday, 2024-01-29

Inbox Zero day. Managed to actually do some exercise.

  • Fiddled wih gridfinity-rebuilt-openscad, which now has better support for thin walls and a few other tweaks.
  • Managed to revive my Radxa Zero 3E board and tried a few firmware images, to no avail. The only one that booted through was the Debian XFCE image but even that crashed after a few seconds, so my board may still be a dud.
  • Investigated how LXC and LXD handle bwrap permissions for flatpak, without much success (yet). People on forums (1,2) apparently never tried running flatpak inside LXC, so it’s another of those “if I Google for it I only find myself asking the question” moments.
  • Dusted off my and worked my way through some notes.

Tuesday, 2024-01-30

Had a family event, so not much free time for anything else.

  • Spent a while reacquainting myself with and trying to get libui working with it for a project where I need standalone binaries and a sane programming language.
  • Went down the rabbit hole of libui-ng, parked the matter for now.
  • Did some drafting and planning for a few projects.

Wednesday, 2024-01-31

Rather busy day at work.

  • Did some research on AMD APUs and shared memory bandwidth, since I’m trying to figure out if RoCm would be suitable for running a few machine learning models on a budget.
  • Spent most of my free time figuring out how to rebuild the yooyeetoo R1 firmware from the source tarball and reading the Armbian build system documentation to see how I could fit things in.

Thursday, 2024-02-01

Late night work, with a couple of breaks.

  • Managed to rebuild the yooyeetoo R1 u-boot, kernel and recovery after fixing some of the shell scripts, but buildroot is quite a bit more challenging since the default is full of extraneous packages.
  • Tried to trim that down to what a netinstall would have to so I have something manageable to fold into the Armbian build system, but without much success.

Friday, 2024-02-02

Family evening again, so not much time for anything else off-work.

  • Redesigned, printed and fixed in place a headset holder for my electronics desk.
  • Spent entirely too much time trying to figure out which version of the Rockchip development tools for Windows would actually flash the yooyeetoo R1 firmware, because rkdevtool on Linux didn’t work and the documentation is incomplete.
  • Caught up on some reading.

Saturday, 2024-02-03

Quiet day at home.

  • Cleaned up my notes on the (and got distracted while taking screenshots).
  • Did a little CAD work for a couple of hilariously delayed projects.
  • Relaxed and caught up on some TV and books.

Sunday, 2024-02-04

Ritual cleansing of the office and personal inbox zero.

  • Reverted the yooyeetoo R1 to stock firmware and ran some benchmarks.
  • Spent the afternoon catching up on advisory work, research and my music backlog.
  • A bit more CAD work (mostly trying to make sense of , which on the Mac still feels like a half-baked application).

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