CSS Techniques

Interesting CSS tricks of various descriptions.

Category Link Notes
Backgrounds Background Image Hacks Tricks with transforms (rotation and opacity), among other things
Bar Graphs Vertical Bar Graphs with CSS and PHP
CSS for Bar Graphs
Menus/Tabs Hybrid CSS Dropdowns my old photo navigation bar, done right.
Sliding Doors great tab trick
Mini Tabs
Tables Table Formatting nice pastel color scheme
Images Polaroid Photo Viewer with jQuery and CSS3 nice use of jQuery
Em Image Sizing
Annotating Images with CSS several interesting alternatives.
Rounded Corners CSS Speech Bubbles pretty neat.
Using -moz-border-radius
Another Way using JavaScript, Updated Version
Rounded Corners
Form Controls: Styling File Inputs With CSS and the DOM
CSS-based forms
Styled Form Controls neat.
Styling Form Controls on just about any browser.
Drop Shadows Robust CSS Drop Shadows
Slide Shows: DOMSlides a variant on Eric Meyer’s S5.
S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System
W3C Slidy
Layouts Faux Absolute Positioning pretty interesting technique.
Equidistant Objects with CSS
The One True Layout equal-height columns, at last.
Mimicking Magazines neat set of layouts.
Three Column Layouts
Columns and Grids not CSS -specific, but plenty of brilliant layout examples.
Text and Lists Bulleted Lists
Custom Underlines
Printing Going to Print
Improving Link Display for Print hyperlinks as footnotes. Damn useful.
Miscellaneous Sidenotes Interesting, possibly of use to me.
Browser Selectors an easier way to deal with browser peculiarities
Throwing Tables Out the Window, Beautiful Interfaces with CSS , No More Tables All tables, all the time.
The CSS Anarchist’s Cookbook mangling content, the CSS way.
IE7 Turning de facto standards into real standards
Fast Rollovers by moving the background image inside a clip rect
pret-a-porter theme in the CSS Zen Garden great gradient
CSS Sprites
Using CSS in HTML mail if you really must.