Those pretty little things you click on.


Here are a few icons from early OS that I had stashed away on an old CD. I think all of them are Susan Kare’s work:



Date Link Notes
Aug iconmonstr Vector icons in outline style
Jan Grey Disk A generic drive image I whipped up one day for re-coloring.
Sep 17 Home of the Geotag Icon Project Let’s see if it catches on.
Oct 3’06 The Silk Icon Set 700 free icons for toolbars and the like
SVG and Adobe Illustrator artwork for vector icons
Tango Not very active for the last couple of years
Comparative Icon Chart icons for similar functions across operating systems
Apple Hardware Icons every piece of Apple hardware ever created
Everyday Icons utterly brilliant. Also includes an amazing collection of tiling Wallpaper
Matrix Rebooted IconSet
Wow. Did I say Wow? These, by the way, go hand in hand with a couple of Wallpapers over at pixelhuset.