Project Management

For some people, the art of using Microsoft Project and Outlook while sitting around all day in an office.

For the ones who actually intend to accomplish something, it’s the art of doing more things with less resources in the most efficient way.

And all it really takes is an Excel spreadsheet and good people skills.

Items of Note:

Date Link Notes
Jun 21 Merlin a pretty competent-looking app, said to be better than OmniPlan (but a tad more expensive)
Jun 14 Projector Somewhat ugly, but has an iPad version
GanttProject Freshly updated to 2.x. Java based, with all the evil that implies, but usable. Has a very annoying (and ugly) logo on the Gantt view.
Teambox A bit too Web 2.0 for my liking. Can be set up in an intranet.
Nov 10 OmniPlan Still a tad too expensive.
Sep 17 Torch A web-based project management app with some nice twists
May 11 OpenProj a free Open Source Project clone
BaseCamp Web-based project management (apparently) done right
SharedPlan cross-platform applications and a PM server
Redmine a Trac-like project management application implemented in Ruby on Rails that includes Gantt charts, time tracking, file sharing, a Wiki with Textile markup and Mercurial support. Although development-oriented, it stands to reason that it should be usable as a generic PM tool.