I'm not naïve to the point of believing Mono will solve the simplest of my development problems (having a single runtime and build platform for all the environments I work in), but seeing in the roadmap was welcome news.

Of course, I was there when started making the rounds - I'm going to take a lot of convincing, but at least I can develop and test a reasonably uniform codebase in a reasonably coherent language (C#) with more than a modicum of probability of it actually being usable six months down the road.

Oh, I forget. Pretty much all of the Perl and code I've written still works. And the Perl bits are likely to last for centuries, even if due to subsequent developer's fears of changing a single comma. But then, Perl isn't as sexy as C#, mostly in the same way a camel isn't even remotely as cool as a monkey.

But most of this is pointless in a world where people think that languages and packages are the ones with security problems. It's not the language's fault, it's the programmer's.


  • Straw was finally updated. I don't use it anymore, but it's the best RSS aggregator on as far as I'm concerned.
  • Fire has reached 1.0, and is still the best client for (if, like me, your taste tends to the free and minimalistic). Since Yahoo only ever updates it's Windows client, Fire is still the best choice.
  • Core 2 has reached Test 3. I am going to wait until it hits release status, though.
  • - a very neat idea I'd like to make fully cross-platform, if I could do it in anything but Perl. seems up to the task, though.