VersaMail is the new e-mail application bundled with Palm handhelds such as the Tungsten W. It is a direct descendant of MultiMail and supports multiple POP3 and IMAP e-mail accounts (with multiple folders per IMAP account).

You can actually run VersaMail on an older Palm (with the occasional crash when trying to use attachments) by beaming some of the ROM files across. Here are some notes on what we've figured out so far:

MultiMail.prc <- main app
MMConduit.prc <- sync settings w/desktop
MMWizard.prc <- creates more e-mail accounts
MMPluginMgr.prc <- guess :p
MMWordPlugin <- dunno, guess it snarfs RTFs
MMVCardplugin <- guess
MMSmartAdd <- ???
MMSDCard <- SD/VFS storage?
MMPRCPlugin <- PRC attachments
MMConfigFPI <- ???