Nokia N95

A Series 60 UMTS/Wi-Fi device sporting HSDPA, 5 megapixel camera, a built-in GPS and (yawn) not one, but two slide-out keyboards (the main keypad and a top multimedia control pad):

Image from All About Symbian



  • Big screen (the 8GB model has an even bigger and higher-res screen)
  • Video out (moderately crummy, but better scanrate on the 8GB model)
  • Standard mini-USB port for transferring files.
  • Usual Nokia amenities such as working Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mostly usable mail client, etc.
  • Somewhat useful (if slow and crashy) 5 megapixel camera with passable (but by no means excellent) optics. Good, but not worth the expense.


  • Slow, crashy, unreliable (and I'm talking about retail firmware versions for the standard edition)
  • Huge. Not something you'd want to carry around in a suit pocket, or most jeans.
  • Crummy plastics. The 8GB model only _looks_ better because it's black, but despite some moulding tweaks, it still feels cheap.
  • Battery life is a disappointment - never lasted out the day for me. Hope the 8GB model fares better when I get to use one for an extended period.
  • User interface is still horrendously complex.