Moderate Calm

Had a relatively productive Monday, blissfully free of the usual interruptions - to which I can probably thank the upcoming holiday. Either that or the clock changes threw off most of the annoying people.

Spent a good while re-pruning my RSS subscription, focusing on less "planets" and "news" sites (suggestions for good Mac-related blogs to add to Planet Tao are welcome, by the way).

Looking back, I seem to have a somewhat quieter life, but still not quiet enough for me to feel relaxed (or at least significantly less tired). Mostly, I blame the continuous shifts in priority and my not being able to pursue the same topic for two days at a time (picking up where I left off is difficult, needlessly rushed and usually feels like an utter waste of time that I could have saved by finishing things properly in the first place).

Still, I persevere, if only because I prefer to stick to things and get them done, no matter what.

Now, where are my notes on Yaki?

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