Nokia 6120 Classic

This page is officially deprecated, since the model depicted is now obsolete.

The Nokia 6120 Classic was most probably the best Series 60 device in the market mid-2007 in terms of value for money, and goes a long way towards alleviating the many faults Nokia smartphones have displayed over recent years.

Good Points

  • Small. Very.
  • Amazingly fast (no more Series 60 sluggishness)
  • Excellent screen (with tasteful default black theme, a welcome change from the usual hysterical blue)
  • WebKit browser with good Ajax support
  • HSDPA (1.8Mbps) support, standard mini-USB port (with storage and data modem modes), standard micro-SD slot, and Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
  • Battery lasts nearly 2 days in dual mode (nearly 4 days in GSM mode) if you switch off the phone at night
  • iSync support is sure to be forthcoming (see unofficial plugin below)

Bad Points

  • Some people complain of the cursor control losing its chrome, and keys failing
  • The UI is still hideously complex
  • The mail client still feels clumsy. Due to the font choice, it shows only a very small percentage of your message list or message contents (although the screen and white-on-black theme make things easier to read than on the E65)
  • Still displays “Out of memory” messages now and then
  • USB port cannot be used to charge the phone
  • Soft keys are too close to the center (too easy to mistakenly press “C” or the application key)
  • Cursor control is difficult
  • The media player is somewhat limited and finicky to use (for instance, it’s hard to skip a few seconds further or backward inside a track without risking skipping to the next track)
  • Input mode selection is fiddly
  • Nokia persists in not allowing its Exchange ActiveSync client to run on it. If you’re lucky, you might be able to install version 1.3.1 and get it to sync your calendar and contacts, but you won’t be able to read e-mail messages. And version 2.0.0 doesn’t work, period.


Date Link Notes
Sep 18 “Improved iSync plugin” Sent in by Chetan Padia, based on’s notes regarding fixing an N82 plugin
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Aug 15th Unofficial Media Transfer 1.1 “plugin” Based on the E65 profile. Obsoleted by version 1.2 of NMT, which includes support for this model.
Jun 29th Unofficial iSync “plugin” Based on the official 6110 one
Jul 2nd All About Symbian Review in which we learn that it is the thickness of 4 After Eight mints.
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