HP 2133 Mini-Note

HP’s entry into the new mini-notebook arena, sporting what seems to be a decent keyboard and a very clumsily designed trackpad:

(simplegallery#hp2133images)* Overview

  • Size compared to a pencil
  • Side view with VGA and USB port for DVD drive
  • Compared to a couple of hardbacks

It ships with Vista by default, which pretty much every review below has pointed out as a major mistake.

Date Link Notes
May 18th HP 2133 Mini-Note PC - Linux Source RPMs A lot of people confused this with a Linux restore disk for the Mini-Note
May 17th Installing MinBuntu 8.04 with a USB stick fine-tuned Ubuntu distribution with correct drivers (but no 3D support)
May 3rd Tek Sapo on availability in Portugal Should be here in August (which, knowing the lay of the land, probably means December)
May 2nd Install Windows XP on a Mini-Note Nice HOWTO that includes pointers to some of the missing drivers
Apr 18th HP 2133 First Impressions/Comparison to EeePC In which the lack of a restore CD/DVD is mentioned yet again
Apr 17th HP Mini-Note gets unboxed, causes extreme jealousy Small photo gallery. Not much interesting detail.
Apr 8th Mini-notebook boasts Linux, near-fullsize keyboard Only piece with a photo of the external drive
Apr 8th HP 2133 Mini-Note PC Small & Medium Business HP specs page and online store. Oddly, “FreeDOS”:Wikipedia:FreeDOS is one of the available OS options, right after SuSE
Apr 8th HP 2133 Mini-Note Review Another video review and plenty of side shots detailing the ports. Also, the only review so far with a heat map of sorts.
Apr 8th HP 2133 Mini-Note: Videos, Specs, Photo Gallery Great gallery. Mentions the optional external DVD burner and an $100 cost for extra batteries, plus the fact that it has user-accessible RAM and disk drive
Apr 8th New HP education subnotebook ships with SUSE Brief writeup
Apr 8th HP intros Mini-Note micro notebook Starts at $499 with the base processor, 512MB of memory, a 4GB solid-state drive, and Linux. Goes up to $1,199 with 1.2GHz processor, 1GB RAM and 64GB flash drive
Apr 7th First look at the HP Mini-Note UMPC Pretty thorough video review (running Vista), to go along with this text