Two units that we used at the netcetera ISP, back in the early 2000s.

Cobalt Networks were The geniuses behind the Qube and the RAQ family of server appliances. Great hardware design, great solutions, bad pricing strategy. No wonder they were bought up by .

Now is the brand name for 6, so this node will likely cause a lot of confusion for a while.


NetBSD on

Although NetBSD only ran on the MIPS models until a little while ago, there was some work in progress on an installer.

CentOS on

Thanks to brian99 on (Gentoo-Cobalt-Dev, freenode), I found these:


It can be done – the question is how, and without opening the box.

Likely approach:

  • Unmount all but the / partition, copy needed files from /usr to /
  • Unpack the gentoo tarball there, chroot in, install like normal
  • Set the boot partition with the ROM tool (which apparently misbehaves in the 2.10 ROM)

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