Silent Water-Based Cooling System For MacBook Pro

As many people have noticed by now, I’ve been following the slew of hardware issues that the and ranges have experienced, and been a witness to several of them (overheating, random restarts, etc.).

Well, my buddy Sérgio (who, incidentally, says that the recent AirPort updates seem to have – so far – fixed the random kernel panics he was experiencing) came up with what seems to be the perfect water-based cooling system for the 15” – it’s cheap, effective, and utterly silent (the increased cooling cuts down on fan activity).

Here’s how to get your own, in three easy steps:

  1. Obtain two 33cl plastic water bottles (preferably cold)
  2. Imbibe the contents to refresh yourself (you might want to ask a friend for help)
  3. Place the caps underneath the like so:

(soda bottle caps are not recommended, since the tops are slightly more rounded and the laptop tends to slip)

Anyway, as an aside, I must say that my vacation has forced me to think very hard about what I need out of a laptop – lugging around my tiny 12” iBook was enough trouble to remind me that something much larger would be a right pain.

With the s not showing any sign of being Merom -enabled soon (not to mention the “regular” being even more unlikely to be upgraded), I’m now starting to cast an uneasy eye towards Sony VAIO and Toshiba – which are moderately cheap, cool (in temperature terms) but, unfortunately, have some of the ugliest pieces of hardware on the face of the Earth in the same price range as the laptops.

Let’s hope my iBook holds out a bit more.