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post-launch news coverage

Date Link Notes
Jul 9th Ars Technica Detailed review and analysis, up to their usual standards of excellence.
Jul 3rd Bruce Tognazzini Tog also published a first look in January
Jul 3rd Business Week worth the wait, save for AT&T’s network
Jul 3rd Engadget split into 3 sections, with detailed hardware and UI shots
Jul 2nd AnandTech 28 pages!
Jul 2nd InformationWeek two photo galleries, if that’s your thing
Jul 2nd Stacy Kramer another “pros and cons” list
Jul 2nd Brier Dudley for the Seattle Times
Jul 2nd Gothamist sample camera shots, nice “pros and cons” list
Jul 2nd Phil Baker also did a news piece
Jul 2nd Macintouch not terribly detailed
Jul 2nd stevenf split into functional sections (phone, iPod, etc.)
Jun 30th PC Magazine also has a spec sheet.
Jun 30th PC World “lots to love, but flaws too”
Jun 30th CNET the user ratings alongside the review are absolutely hilarious, since practically nobody who commented bought one.
Jun 30th John Gruber long and thoughtful, as usual
Jun 30th Kottke very quick, very Kottke
Jun 30th The Register 90% on the first pass
Jun 29th Wireless Info very detailed.
Jun 27th David Pogue don’t miss the hilarious video
Jun 26th Edward Baig USA Today – includes a neat summary of tariff plans
Jun 26th Stephen Levy for Newsweek
Jun 26th Walt Mossberg probably the most quoted piece on it ever (also here)