DAAP is the Digital Audio Access Protocol, and is essentially an -like mechanism to serve music files over TCP/IP on TCP port 3689.

DAAP servers usually advertise themselves using , so any port can be used provided the announcement follows the _daap.tcp. schema.


Date Link Description
Oct’14 forked-daapd a rewrite of mt-daapd with a number of fixes
jolivia A server implementation
dmap-parser a DMAP parser written in
Older dmapd a DAAP and server with support for media transcoding.
Tangerine a Mono server using daap-sharp
python-daap a client library
DAAP Protocol Draft
“Net::DAAP::Client”:Perl:Net::DAAP::Client for , if you’re really into such things
The DAAP Wiki
daapd an Open Source Source server for any variant.
mt-daapd a multi-threaded implementation with dynamic playlist support.
MusicPublisher a app for simple sharing.

Tunneling DAAP over and broadcasting a service:

Taken from this hint:

dns-sd -P "name of server" _daap._tcp local 3690 localhost & 
ssh -N [email protected] -L 3690:localhost:3689
kill $PID

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