X, the Nothing App

Even amidst the moderate chaos caused by some home renovations, I can’t help but reflect on the protracted, no, agonizing implosion of Twitter as a medium, of which today’s “rebranding”1 is just the latest in a series of utterly baffling business decisions.

Musk’s vision of turning it into something like WeChat feels both ultimately narcissistic and ignorant in the extreme of the reasons why those apps work (if only because there is, as of yet, no added functionality–rather the opposite, really), the captive audience that remains seems massively uninterested in anything but self-promotion and content sharing, and whatever advertising value it had seems to be eroding daily.

has become a chore, and the way every single change was handled so far makes it really likely that X will keep on the fast track to becoming… nothing.

  1. I was tempted to use 𝕏 in the title, but thought better of it. Still, there are typography jokes aplenty running around, not to mention that the Unicode character 🗙 is known as “Cancellation X”, which would be extremely apt. ↩︎