640 Days Later

on how COVID is panning out in Portugal, I think it’s time to have another look at things.

This series began after the start of the pandemic and has had irregular updates , , , , , , , , and days later

Yes, we're back where we were at the end of Summer. Or worse.

We should have had these discussions 30 days ago. New cases quadrupled since then.

The only saving grace here is that vaccination does work (at least in preventing ICU overrun), and that we’re already doing boosters for 65+ folk.

The number of hospital beds in use keeps climbing steadily, but fortunately not as much as last year.

But even there we should be doing more, and we lack data on the number of people who are both vaccinated and infected with milder symptoms–which is kind of essential to understanding the way the pandemic is evolving.

So yep, unfortunately I was right in the sense that we’re going to have a reprise (albeit minimized) of last year’s holiday season bumbling. Buckle up, it’s not going to be easy.

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