Taking Stock

I recently celebrated another orbit around our otherwise rather unremarkable star, so I decided to take a day off, play around with some gadgetry and spend a few evenings doing… nothing much for a change except cleaning up loose ends.

One of them is my music hobby, which has reached a stage of diminishing returns in the sense that I have (nearly) all the gear I could possibly want or need, but I just can’t push myself past doing more than 4-8 bars of harmony in one sitting.

Of course I splurged on more gear in the meantime, but that can only go so far.

Part of the challenge I’m experiencing is about timing: my hours and I only get to play around with anything musical after dinner (by which time I’m usually too tired).

Plus there are lots of other, more compelling ways to tune out from work – I usually tend to spend more time diving into TV and books as Winter evenings grow longer, and this year is no exception.

The really odd thing is that I’m actually spending most of the day sitting in front of . The keyboard is still great, but it’s effectively a huge, desk-spanning blank spot right now as I don’t even fiddle with it while I’m working–after the I just haven’t had the time (or energy) to set up all of my music software again until this week, so things might change soon.

I’ve also spent a little while setting up Unity and Unreal Engine on my to see how they fare under the Ryzen APU (spoiler: much better than on my Intel Mac), as well as generally going through a list of ideas I wrote and trying to figure out which ones are worth spending some time on.

I expect (hope?) this to be a comparatively quiet Autumn for a change, so maybe I’ll end up doing something interesting.

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