Things I'm Waiting For

While we wait for the next Apple event, and having had enough time to reflect on , I think I have a pretty good idea of what I am missing from ’s current (and currently foreseeable) line up.

It’s pretty simple, really. I would buy any of these now even though I don’t need any of them (well, except the first, that one is really getting to me):

  • A Mac mini with more than 16GB of RAM and a post-M1 CPU, because I am getting really tired of my MacBook’s occasional sluggishness when used as a desktop, and I want to do some fancy 3D stuff.
  • An 11” iPad Pro with a camera placed on a long bezel so that it works sanely in landscape, as $DIVINITY intended humans to do video calls.
  • An iPhone Mini with decent battery life and a USB-C port, because they can do it (probably have already, as far as we know) and . A decent-sized, long-lived phone is long overdue.
  • An iPad Mini with Face ID (and the camera on a long bezel), because the feature asymmetry in their product line is becoming maddening.
  • A round Apple Watch, because roundrects may be everywhere, but I’d really like to see that happen.

I don’t expect any of the above to come to pass in 2021, and most likely not in 2022 either, so I’m currently looking at Ryzen 5700G compact desktops (if you sell hardware, ping me, I’ll review it and likely buy it from you) or, even better, the vague possibility of building a high octane, fully AMD-powered PC, switching to Windows 11 on my desktop and just living off my iPad on weekends.

Or maybe I’ll just get a new MacBook and have it spend most of its life docked–anything as long as it can drive my at full native resolution and give me a snappy desktop, because right now I’m only getting the latter.

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