California Streaming

I’ve been brooding and trying to re-adjust to returning to work, so today’s Apple event was an interesting distraction. Some quick thoughts in no particular order:

  • Not updating the base iPad to have USB-C seems backwards. “Parts bin” iPad indeed.
  • I very much like the A15-toting 6th Gen iPad Mini (what it having USB-C and all), but can’t really justify getting one to replace my 5th Gen (I found it weird that they only mentioned the A15 when talking about the iPhone, but hey, that’s product placement for you).
  • The loss of the headphone jack on the Mini is reason enough not to upgrade, to be honest. Cue an n-gate-style “Apple continues the fight against its own users” rant.
  • With the addition of the wide-angle front camera and Center Stage to the standard iPad and the Mini, last year’s Air is pretty much dead for me. If I ever decide to get a bigger screen, it’ll have to be the Pro.
  • Some of the videos were (at least partially) shot in Lisbon, which is pretty much insane as we still don’t have an official Apple store (or Continental Portuguese as a speech option for Siri).
  • The phones are… OK, I guess. I’m not really interested in upgrading until (maybe) next year.
  • Nobody got the new Watch design right. Which is a good thing, because I think it’s great. Again, not interested in upgrading, but nice to see.

Seeing the Sherlocking of FlickType streamed live to the world, however, was a major downer (I was one of the Watch beta testers, and loved it). Apple really ought to be better than this, and I expect a fair amount of fallout over the next few days.

So… when are we getting new Mac chipsets? That’s what I want to see, I need a new Mac desktop (preferably a new mini) that will last me for the next half decade.

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