So, Anyway...

A bunch of things happened this week, one of which did away with a major creativity blocker–i.e., I no longer have any plans to shut down this blog like I previously . It’s a strange, bittersweet thing, and a somewhat surprising twist in a long, arduous (and increasingly frustrating) discussion, but that timeline is now unlikely to come to pass, at least in the way I was expecting.

It’s still somewhat of a relief, though, and any gaps from here on will most likely be because I’m plain tired and not because I’m mulling life, the Universe and Everything.

I can’t say anything about what I’m doing, but amusingly enough I’m deeper and deeper in to telco affairs again.

Another thing that has become clear is that I can keep doing Open Source stuff. I’m not one to delve much into the typical corporate stack, though, so I’ve been looking at both joker and janet for inspiration but have had little time save for contributing a few patches.