Sometime in the future I might write about the past few weeks (and what are sure to be the next few ones ahead as well). For now, I’ll try to focus on some essentials and housekeeping:

  • Besides lack of time, motivation and surplus energy, one of the reasons I haven’t written much is that one of the possible timelines going forward implies shutting down this blog. I have the mechanics down, but pulling the trigger is something I’m loathe to do, and a prolonged state of limbo doesn’t exactly do wonders for my inspiration either (there are a couple of dozen unfinished drafts to attend to right now).
  • As work has creeped up into 12+ hours a day and the pandemic encroaches, my general well-being has been somewhat impacted, leaving me with very little time to do anything else but house chores, fitful sleep and the occasional reading break.
  • There is a concurrent (and conflicting) couple of threads about both my personal and professional identities, as I am currently being pulled into various (not necessarily opposite) directions regarding what I want to do and where, but more importantly, where I want to end up within the next year.
  • Family is… OK, but I worry that the worst is yet to come–it may still take most of the year for the pandemic to abate in general, and the economic impact is sure to last for much longer, so planning ahead is all the harder.
  • All of the above have driven me to functioning at a quite high “line speed” (as one of my recent contacts put it), which, despite being something I can do for quite a long time (as I did back at Vodafone during some of our key projects), will inevitably take its toll.

Microsoft folk will relate to some of this as part of the “Q3 crunch”, but this goes a bit beyond that even before tacking on a “real life” angle.

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