Building The Future 2020

The regie at work, with Filomena Cautela on the main stage.

This year’s Building The Future event was even better, although (again) I only got to attend a few of the main sessions since I was one of the curators for the Code track.

But I wanted to highlight the work of unsung heroes behind the scenes–hence this picture, which shows the Hipnose crew at work. There were a lot more people involved, but I’ve worked with these guys forever (both at Codebits and Pixels Camp), and they’re awesome (the projection mapping you can see on stage is one of their superpowers).

Since I didn’t get to see over half of it and there is already a lot of social media coverage out there (especially on LinkedIn), I won’t bore you with oodles of extra photos or session notes–I’ll just reiterate that it’s the innovation event of the year here in Portugal right now, and that I had a lot of fun in my limited role in it.

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