Climate Changes

As it turned out, the last week was a lot busier than anticipated, even considering the sweltering heat. Climate change is here, and it’s ugly, with a 4AM break on a balcony last week turning into an eerie (and noisy, and hot, and humid) echo of Jurassic Park, clocking in at well over 39C.

Home computing was, obviously, not a priority (although getting AC for my home office is now very near the top of the list). But a couple of things made it through the cracks:

  • The seems to be holding up in reviews (altough to my mind the only model worth buying is the 8GB RAM one), and given that I can () to a degree, it’s going to be interesting to see if the next can best it, because the only thing I care about at this point is the keyboard experience, and the Surface seems to deliver without any shenanigans–plus it comes with a trackpad…
  • On a somewhat (un)related topic, I spent a couple of hours wrestling with in an attempt to do some basic signal processing on a , and I really wish vendoring (let alone package management) had been properly sorted out by now. Every time I pick up and need to go beyond the standard library (and import stuff with prefixes) I shudder at how poorly thought out that is.

Other than that, the usual race to get something intellectually satisfying done during Summer break is now officialy on.

The past few weeks have been fun in a business sense but surprisingly frustrating in terms of personal fulfillment, and in between the heat, my personal backlog of stuff to learn from and experiment with and the stack of books I’ve been meaning to go through, the upcoming holidays already seem frustratingly short in comparison.

A three-to-six-month sabbatical would be just the ticket, but I suspect a more profound change is in order.

Either way, I plan to be completely work-free (including any hints of company tech) for at least two weeks. Living off a mosh session to some box someplace sounds pretty much like heaven at this point, and I intend to make the most of it.