In Real Life

Still haven’t coded anything of consequence this trimester, but have been too busy to miss it.

I’ve been spending most of my leisure time reading, making somewhat futile (but earnest) attempts at both freehand drawing and studying musical theory, and, whenever possible, talking long(ish) walks around Lisbon - partly because I like the exercise (and the environs) and partly because I’ve decided to get back into shape.

I’ve never been much of an athlete, but before the kids came along I weighed less, walked far more (my early morning walks through the Expo grounds on the way to my old office were glorious), and I miss feeling sprightly and alert – so much so that I’m getting cabin fever from spending even a single day at home on weekends.

After setting my mind to it six months ago, I’ve already lost enough weight to wear my old suits1, my resting heart rate is noticeably lower, and I feel great overall. Next thing you know, I’ll be investing on an Apple Watch or something2.

The walks have also resulted in a marked uptick in my photography output. Moving back to an iPhone has helped tremendously, but I’ve also been using my “big” camera more often and am starting to tackle portraits (something I’ve always shied away from, which may seem odd in this age of selfies).

The weather has been a factor, too. It’s amazing, as usual for Portugal, and early mornings on weekends are still cool enough for unfettered walks. The short walks I take during lunch breaks, on the other hand, will probably be cut shorter as Summer progresses (and yeah, I’m still climbing the stairs multiple times a day).

But all the “extra” activity helps me take my mind even further away from work. Or, rather, not work in itself, but corporate changes.

Having gone through similar events in the past (at least three times, now that I think about it) I’ve managed to keep my cool, but it’s still better to tune out completely once I leave the office rather than let myself get caught up in idle speculation – other than discussing matters with a couple of colleagues turned close(r) friends, I’ve put a lid on it and am getting on with life (and actual work).

And it’s great outside – but stay tuned, I feel a rant on Docker coming up.

  1. Yes, I wear suits. This turned out to be inordinately surprising to a number of people recently, but I still feel more comfortable in a suit. ↩︎

  2. Yeah, right. Got you there, didn’t you? But ramping up exercise will soon be on the cards – too bad I got rid of my exercise bike… ↩︎