Despite generally rainy weather, this weekend was great for a couple of outings (under the kind of sunshine that makes me inanely happy to live in this technology-forsaken place), a little photography and even some general tidying up.

First off, the photography bit. My testing of OSX Photos continues, and I’ve found it to be good at syncing things between devices, competent (but not stellar) for triage and posting things online (my Flickr sets are almost the way I want them), and moderately competent at editing (even though I’ve found that the tool I use the most - the levels editor - simply isn’t there in iOS).

But so far it’s a more than adequate replacement for what little I used of iPhoto. And if you can’t take the time to figure it out, Quentin has got you covered.

Next up, I’ve actually gone and started using Instagram again after three years. Here’s proof:


That’s partly because I’ve been looking at social network marketing, partly because it’s one of the few ways I can get the HTC One’s camera to be of some entertainment value1, and partly because I need the (mental and physical) exercise - real photography it ain’t, but at least it makes me think about framing things and taking halfway decent shots on a daily basis2.

Finally, I’ve cleaned up my home office to the extent it’s usable again, 3D printed a few parts I’ve been meaning to get done months ago, and decided to devote a longer amount of time to music (I desperately need to practice more often) and other pursuits besides coding (which I’ve been remiss of late).

Reading voraciously (usually deep into the wee hours) is still my primary hobby, but getting out of the house and actually doing something (preferably with friends and/or family) is much more important.

That and musing about a few things. More on that later.

  1. Actually, mine has developed the “purple haze” defect, so it’s almost useless in anything but bright sunlight. I am hoping to replace the thing soon, and in the meantime have started putting together some notes on my Android experience… ↩︎

  2. Having a wider range of friends using it these days also helps, but to be honest, it’s more about the challenge of taking at least one decent photograph every day. ↩︎