The Quiet

Nothing much happened this week, except that a couple of interesting decisions were made.

The first is that I’m moving some of my personal stuff off Github and onto Bitbucket. I love Atlassian and wish I could use their tools on a daily basis, but in this case it’s because Bitbucket provides free private repositories, which are handy for exploratory stuff that isn’t quite ready for the public eye1.

The second is that as I find myself delving deeper into Clojure, I find that the way I approach coding on other languages keeps shifting toward the functional, so it makes sense to plan ahead and pick something else to learn – and in keeping with my platform-agnostic strategy, I’m currently looking at Ocaml and F#, which seem to be a nice bet in terms of cross-platform support.

Other than that, slow but steady progress was made where it regards putting together my home cluster (which is now running ElasticSearch to explore some time series data). Slow being the operative word here, since there’s only so much you can do with a bunch of Raspberry Pis, even if you overclock them a tad and stuff them with Class 10 SD cards…

  1. For instance, I’m puttering about with C# on Unity 3D (which is a right pain to use with Git) as well as trying to build a little app on top of vNext. To make things interesting, I decided to alternate between MonoDevelop and Visual Studio as a sort of suicidal crash course on runtime differences, and the code looks like a war zone right now. ↩︎