Infernal September

I guess the rentrée could have gone better.

Still feeling a bit off, hating being back in an air-conditioned environment that is hell on my sinuses (knee’s better, though), spent the week following up on various projects and shoring up my optimism only to cap off the week becoming outraged at utterly useless austerity measures.

But other than stating that this will backfire stupendously badly in terms of economic impact (Portuguese companies will always pocket the difference rather than boost hiring), I won’t mention it further. I’ve had enough flak over knee-jerk reactions to my post on the tech exodus (mostly from people who forget/aren’t aware where I’m coming from1), and to be perfectly honest, I’ve better things to do with my time.

Having been mostly off-line throughout the week (with only a couple of hours spent fiddling with a Raspberry Pi, livin’it up in console land like it was 1995), I’m still going through coverage of the Amazon and Nokia announcements, which I find interesting but rather remote (partly because the likelihood of my using any of their stuff is pretty much nil for the foreseeable future).

There are some intriguing notions out there, though, and I’ve shored up my Instapaper queue with a couple dozen of them.

As to this Tuesday’s iPhone announcement, the only relevant bit for me will be its worldwide availability.

Having toyed with the notion of buying a Galaxy Nexus over the past few months (it’s now Eur.399 over here, and the only Android phone I’ve seriously considered buying), I’m swinging back round to the iPhone camp, even though I’ll probably have to sell off more of my old gear to afford one.

  1. After all, would I have spent so much time in local telecoms and research institutes if I didn’t believe in this forsaken place? ↩︎

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