Lack of Quorum

It’s been a busy few days, mostly spent reading (some on that later, as ), trying to figure out to what extent economy is going to get shafted in the next couple of months, and trying to rest as much as possible after long(ish) stints at the office and the excruciatingly long time it takes to get my kids to sleep.

Locally, things are getting bad enough that big pharma (ever mindful of the needy) is actually withholding medications from the local market so they can sell them somewhere else with higher margins, and I’ve pretty much given up on buying anything non-essential until the Eurozone mess gets sorted out - so no Xmas toys for the big kids this year.

On an unrelated note, I got my Quora account deleted, partly because I see no point in it but mostly because I had an unpleasant surprise while a link from it - the link allowed other people to not just see a prompt saying they had been logged in as myself but also (despite their staff’s reassurances) to actually have them establish new sessions on my behalf (I had to manually log out and kill the extra sessions from their logout page).

I find enough of a security (and social) hazard thank you very much, and would remove my account there as well if it weren’t for my actually needing it to reach some people abroad…